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Hello guys,
Before learning about the Oracle database, we must understand, what is a Database and why do we use it? What is the use/importance of database in web development?
Database is a collection of information where information can be stored in a systematic and organized manner and can be accessed based on the different conditions.
To understand the importance of a database in web development, let’s take an example.

Do you remember, when you created your account of Facebook you entered your email address, a password and some other information into the sign-up form and submitted.
But next time when you logged into the Facebook, you just entered your email address and the same password which you entered at the time of signing up and you can access your all information in the Facebook which you have entered anytime earlier.

Now the question is, how does Facebook know that you are the same person and which information should be shown in your Facebook account?

Answer is simple. When you provided your information to Facebook it stored it into Facebook’s database and whenever you log-in to the Facebook, it checks if your email address is available in the database or not! If yes, what is the password you have entered? When it finds both the parameters are matching with the database, it show all your information which you have been adding so far.

Without database software we cannot make such web-sites.
Not only Facebook, database plays a vital role in each industry.
Let’s discuss one more example; banking is so simple these days. If you want to check balance in your account, you just need to log into your internet banking account and you can check statement very quickly. There is everything related to your account. Actually, your account balance related information are stored in a database and when you log into your account, first it identifies you and then fetches the information from the database and shows on your computer screen.
When these systems were not available and banking was off-line, one had to go to bank and had to wait till his/her turn after that clerk used to start checking in the registers for very small information which takes a lot of time.

I hope you have understood what a database is and why it is so important these days. So, there is no harm if I say that Oracle is a database. This will not make you uncomfortable anymore!

Thank you,
Kapil Kumar

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